Yamamoto Sound Craft Speaker stand DK series 1unit

Large speaker stand using Sakura wood with good sound

The DK series is a speaker stand designed for medium to large speakers. It is a high-performance stand that is firmly assembled by setting up pillars made of 10 cm square wood of Asada Sakura in the four corners and supporting the center part with a joint made of 30 mm thick cherry plywood.
A speaker with a weight of about 100kg can be installed stably. Standard type is 350x480x400 (H) mm for Tannoy Stirling and 440x650x250 (H) mm for JBL. By changing the size of the joint between the support and the center part, it is possible to support various size speakers.
In addition, we can also accept orders for custom-made types that adopt a structure that prevents falls, which is used as a speaker stand installed in a recording studio for business use. The structure is an epoch-making structure in which the L-shaped counterbore is provided on the four legs of the DK series stand to prevent the speaker from slipping or falling.
By sitting in four L-shapes, the bottom of the speaker is enclosed and fall is prevented. The lower part in the center is the speaker installation part. The speakers installed here will not fall down without worrying about side slippage.
* Price is for one. If you need two speakers, please purchase two stands.
**Fall prevention structure is order production, it takes one month to delivery.



Yamamoto Sound Craft Speaker stand DK series 1unit

Bring out speaker performance 100%!

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