TRI PHONIC MONITOR-061 6cm Full-range speaker

Supreme realism

Monitor-061 is a high-quality compact speaker for the purpose of simply enjoying music at a low-medium volume in a common room. 
The characteristic of the sound quality is rich and realistic sound that can not be imagined from the apparent size. It embodies the company's concept of Triphonic Sound (massive bass, good sound separation, realistic stage feeling).

What is the appeal of this sound?

- Vocals and saxophones have not only a good overhanging feel, but aslo the sound is not bothersome.
- Although it is low in efficiency, the energy and response of jazz and pop sources are outstanding.
- The thick and powerful rumbling of a stringed instrument is reproduced.
- Although it is a small speaker, you can enjoy orchestral music with rich and presence sound quality.

Advanced and luxurious content even for large high-end speakers

- Super Hard diaphragm speaker
- Floating mount system
- Dead mass
These technologies have the impact of overturning the common sense of conventional small-diameter speakers that could not afford sound. 
It looks like a small bookshelf speaker, but you will be surprised by its overwhelming sound power and scale. The lively and solid presence of the sound reproduces the real pleasure of sound of live music. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking, realistic virtual reality and enjoy the music world. 
System Floating mount, bass reflex system
Woofer 6cm super hard diaphragm
Frequency characteristic 50Hz~15kHz
Output sound pressure 80dB/2.83Vm
Input resistance 15W(RMS)
Impedance 4 ohms
Speaker terminal Completely non-magnetic, gold plated banana terminal compatible
Cabinet Thick resin cast, dark gray color
Dimensions H24cm x W15cm x D22.5cm (excluding protrusions)
Weight 3kg
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

6cm super hard diaphragm full range speaker unit, F60A2G type

Handmade by a speaker craftsman. Hand-crafting an ultra-high rigidity cone with a solid reinforcement structure that is impossible with mass products. It is also a high-cost performance unit that also incorporates a floating mount structure and dead mass. It has a high resolution and a fresh flesh texture, yet it is massive and high-speed sound quality. It's super HiFi, but at the same time, it's a gem with attractive sound quality. Even though it is a soft sound, it has clear and high resolution, and has a feeling of being pushed out, which is a unique feature.
The large gold-plated terminals also support thick wiring and banana plugs. As it is firmly tightened, stable cable connection.

Floating mount structure

In a small speaker, the vibration system mass is large compared to the diaphragm area, so when the reaction force of the driving force generated in the magnetic circuit propagates to the cabinet, the resonance sound of the cabinet is emitted as a loud noise. (Similar to a music box resonance box). This mischievous sound is a high-pitched sound peculiar to a small cabinet, and it is a troublesome thing that reduces the sound quality of a small speaker system that does not easily produce low frequencies. Floating mounts solve this problem. It is a structure that inserts a cushioning material (insulator: sectional view ↓ orange part) between the unit body and the unit frame fixed to the baffle (cabinet) to mechanically insulate the unit body and the cabinet. This floating mount enables clear, rich, and vast sound reproduction.

Curved cabinet

A curved cabinet unique to resin cast. It reduces the diffractive reflection of sound waves, which is a particular problem with small speakers. Along with natural sound quality, it reproduces a realistic sound image and sound field with a three-dimensional effect. The thick resin cast is a luxurious structure that uses 3 kg of resin in one cabinet. It is a compact yet heavy-weight cabinet.
The bass reflex port with flare reduces airflow noise with a large flare, and adopts a larger bass reflex to ensure a smooth internal airflow. The result is a high S / N bass reflex duct.

Sound absorbing material is down

The company's patented ultra-lightweight sound absorbing material is 100% filled with lightweight and precise high-quality feathers. It has a high sound absorbing ability to eliminate the muffled sound of the cabinet, but due to its light weight, it does not become a so-called "dead sound".
Despite being a small cabinet, it features the open sound quality of an open baffle enclosure type speaker.

Domestic handmade production Made in Yokohama

A & C audio is carefully produced one by one. The finished product will be recorded for measurement and inspection of frequency characteristics and impedance characteristics. Burn-in and after confirming the sound quality, the serial number will be attached before shipment.
All speaker products which contain magnets are shipped by Fedex.
TRI PHONIC MONITOR-061 6cm Full-range speaker
Realistic sound image and sound field
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