Aug-Line Isis High-end Speaker cable pair

Ultimate speaker cable that pursues only sound quality

"Augline Isis" is the ultimate speaker cable that eliminates any compromise, does not limit the total amount of conductors used, uses a large amount of precious metal that seems reckless, and pursues only sound quality.
The total amount of precious metal used in the conductor is so large that 100 to 120 rings can be made to make a general jewelry ring.
It takes a couple of days to make a 2-meter pair even for a meister technician. It's a dream cable that seeks an ideal in all.
The connection terminals are also made by cutting one by one from an extremely thick gold-silver alloy material.
It is the ultimate speaker cable that has achieved a high SN ratio with a perfect shield.
*The length can be increased or decreased by 50 cm. The price is 50 cm/314,600 yen.
*The photo shows Isis Juinor.

Item review

I rented the Single-Ware version last summer, but it was even better than the Bi-Ware version of Jorma Design No.1 SP. And this time, the special Bi-Ware version came...! It's pretty dangerous (^^;)
By the way, the Aug-Line spade plug is thick and solid. It seems that this spade plug will become a normal ring (^^;) I listened carefully while holding such a nuisance.. The comparison target is the Stereovox LSP-600 & Augline jumper.
The cables are of course new so I started with the burn-in. Perhaps because the cable is thick, it seems that it takes a little longer to burn in compared to the conventional aug line. Normally, it was almost OK if I continued using it for a few days, but I think that it will take 1-2 weeks even if I continue to use it.
Now, when I listened to various things, the space apparently became wider than before. The space of Stereovox was not smaller than that of Jorma Design No.1, so this space expression is amazing. The resolution doesn't seem to change in the middle and high frequencies, but the resolution in the low frequencies feels a little better. Even in our environment, there is a feeling that the low range extends downwards, so I think it would be great if the environment has more low range.
On the contrary, as the low range extends, the feeling of extension of the high range decreases, it feels like the the treble range that I felt on the 2nd floor is now on the 1.5th floor. Also, regarding the sense of speed, the sharpness of the drum sound is better than Stereovox. I didn't feel a big change in the timbre, but this is probably because the aug line jumpers are working. Last year I also tried the Stereovox jumper, but when I removed the jumper of the aug line, the tone and luster faded and it immediately returned.
 Looking at the notes I wrote earlier about Stereovox LSP-600 and Jorma Design No. 1, the spatial expression is the same, the resolution and subduction in the low frequency range is slightly Jorma Design, and the extension and sound of the high frequency range are Stereovox LSP-600. Aug-Line Isis does not have bad high range and sharp sound, but Stereovox has good high range and sharp sound. I thought Jorma Design No.1 was also a good cable, but Aug-Line Isis is a great cable that surpasses it.
Aug-Line Isis High-end Speaker cable pair

Audio Excellence Award 2009 Winning Cable

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