Solid Aug-Line "Pipe shield" RCA cable SE pair

Solid Aug-Line "Pipe shield" RCA cable SE pair
Amazing quietness and dynamic range
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Incredible quietness, dynamic range, and amazing signal-to-noise ratio

Solid Augline "Pipe Shield" RCA interconnect cable SE (Special Edition) uses an optimal balance of Augline, an alloy of gold and silver, and Augline+Pt, the world's first advanced material that is a triple blend of high-purity platinum, gold and silver.
The insulation material, which has a great impact on the sound quality, is made of PTFE, which has the best characteristics among Teflon materials, and the outer jacket is also made of PTFE Teflon.

The pipe shield structure is adopted, and Augline alloy is also used for the shield pipe. Compared to ordinary braided wire shields or foil shields, it has amazing quietness and dynamic range, and ensures an amazing signal-to-noise ratio.

The "pipe shield" structure has been said to be an ideal shield for a long time, but it has not been put to practical use because it is not easy to handle with ordinary conductors and it breaks easily when bent repeatedly. The flexibility of Augline alloy, an alloy of gold and silver, has been utilized in practical applications.
Uses a pipe shield 4-core coaxial structure. The ideal straight quad structure for signal cables has been adopted, and the conductor area of the cable has been doubled to achieve a richer midrange and thicker sound.
The RCA plug used for the cable is a Wire World product made of the same silver alloy as the wire material, and the hot pin has been replaced with a newly manufactured pin made of Aug + Pt.
The improved signal-to-noise ratio due to the shielding effect results in a deep and quiet background, a highly balanced mid and high frequency range that is extended, and a bass range that is thick and perfectly balanced in terms of power and volume.


The pipe shield RCA cable seems to have aged well, and the high frequency sparkles have been suppressed, resulting in a very good balance with depth. So, here's a brief summary of my impressions.
Listening Impressions
1) Amount of information:
Very good SN and a lot of spatial information. As a result, the localization of instruments and the spread of sound are excellent.
2) Sound range:
Wide bandwidth, no strong tone characteristics. Slightly brighter (or should I say clearer?) sound. 
3) Localization:
Good depth reproduction, sound field is within the left and right loudspeakers, and there is a high sense of density.
4) Other:
Overall, it is smooth and has a unique luster. The sound is rich in resonance and has a high level of texture and descriptiveness. The impression of pressure and attack is rather subdued.
I'm going to have to give it a hard time... I can't find any fault with it. I have the impression that the high resolution of Aug+Pt is unsurpassed. It has a graceful and monitor-like sound that I like, but I dare say some people may want a rougher(?) sound. It has become a cable I can't live without as a reference. As a side note, the other day someone mentioned that it would be nice if the cymbals sounded a little more like cymbals, but I personally felt that the sound was more realistic after aging.




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