Yamamoto Onkyo OS-32 audio rack

The OS and OSW series audio racks use cherry plywood for the shelves and hard, strong solid Asada cherry wood for the posts, making them high-performance racks made entirely in Japan.
The shelves are made of 30mm thick cherry plywood, and the posts are made of 32mm thick solid Asada cherry wood. Assembly is done with 8 screws per tier, and the load can be supported by the screws when the equipment to be placed is light, and by the grooves on the pillars when it is heavy, so the load capacity is large. The finish is urethane, the same as that used on high-end furniture, so it will not deteriorate over time. The sides and back of the shelves are not partitioned, so there is enough room for heat dissipation.
Each tier clears 60kg with room to spare. The height of the shelves can be easily changed at intervals of 50mm each, allowing for a free layout. It also makes wiring work easier.
For carpeted rooms, we recommend the use of spike pins (sold separately). Casters are also available. The spike is made of machined brass and is 17mm higher in height when in use. 
The casters are made of die-cast aluminum, which is strong and has a load capacity of 200kg for four casters. When in use, the height will be 65mm higher.
Shelf size W520xD450xH30mm
Pillar length 322mm
Overall size W570xD450xH322mm
Weight 12.6kg


 I have the impression that this rack increases the woodiness of the wood instruments in the playback sound. The stalks are made of cherry plywood, and the posts are made of solid Asada cherry wood, so the rack is not only strong enough but also has the right amount of resonance. As a result, the quantity of the wood bass increased. The contour and resonance of the bass was a little looser, and the reference's crisp and controlled low frequencies were good, but I also got the impression that the wood bass's "woodiness" was increased. The graininess of the cymbals and the components of the sound also increase in density.  On the other hand, the edge of the guitar is a little weaker, and the sound is more gentle for a rock. However, it seems to be adjustable depending on the other accessories that you combine, so if you get it right, you may be able to get a fuller midrange and edgier highs.
*Audio Accessory
Yamamoto Onkyo OS-32 audio rack
High-performance cherry wood rack made of pure Japanese materials
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