Satri Circuit Laboratory VHA-5240C Earphone amp

Satri Circuit Laboratory VHA-5240C Earphone amp

More reality in sound !!

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A full-fledged earphone amplifier weighing only 50g

The VHA-5240C is an earphone amplifier featuring the VHA-5240 series developed for VR goggles, but only for listening to music.
VHA-5240 series was developed to minimize time delays with the goal of accurately and precisely reproducing surround sound used in VR, and offers high performance for listening to music. VHA-5240 is a compact and lightweight earphone/headphone amplifier that can be easily carried in a bag or pocket.  The case is made of conductive carbon-laced filament to prevent induction noise.
It can be connected to the earphone output jack of a smartphone or tablet, or to the line output of a CD player or video player.

Realistic sound with no distortion

By precisely controlling the bias current, the VHA-5240C maximizes the amount of information and increases the accuracy. Furthermore, by widening the bandwidth and using a non-feedback circuit without negative feedback, transient distortions such as TIM distortions are eliminated and time delays are minimized to the utmost limit, thereby eliminating phase distortions and accurately representing the localization of stereo sound.
Maximum output power
350mW(1% distorted)
Distortion factor(1KHz) 1mW: 0.026%
 S/N ratio -110dB(GAIN 1dB)
Frequency response 5Hz~5MHz(-3db)
Lag time 18nS(1.8 billionths of a second)
Input impedance
10K ohms
Dimensions W92 x H22 x D44 mm
Weight 50g
Power supply DC 5V/300mA
*The product does not come with any cables or other accessories. Please prepare the power supply and cables by yourself.